Reaching out to the refugee community with the love Christ.



Vacation Bible School

“Celebration” is a six-week “Vacation Bible School,” that has its goal teaching kids the gospel and building lasting relationships with their families. Our purpose is to impact the next generation of refugees and inner-city through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We design our program that gives the volunteers the opportunity to hang out with the kids through games, singing, and small group studies with a gospel oriented curriculum.


Purposefully pursuing long-term mentoring relationships with refugee/inner-city children, using the platform of Celebrations to develop friendships and plant seeds of truth.



Jesus called for the children, saying, "Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
Luke 18:16


Fair Oaks Park (7621 Fair Oaks Ave., Dallas, TX 75231)


June 19 - Volunteer Orientation/Training
June 26 - Celebration Kickoff
July 3 - August 7 (Tuesdays only) - VBS
August 11 - Back to School Celebration


Program Schedule

6:01 PM Prayer at Fair Oaks
6:21 PM Pick up kids / registration / stations
7:01 PM Large group games (ages 5-8 and 9-12 separated)
7:21 PM Large group praise and worship
7:41 PM Large group Bible story / skit
7:51 PM Small group discussion, memory verse & snack time
8:21 PM Awards
8:31 PM Wrap up & dismissal (drive kids back home)
9:01 PM Dinner, praise, & debrief (optional)

Program Overview and Volunteer Roles

Discovering God's Plan 4U = Jesus

July 11 – Week 1 Lesson
July 18 – Week 2 Lesson
July 25 – Week 3 Lesson
August 1 – Week 4 Lesson
August 8– Week 5 Lesson
August 15 – Week 6 Lesson
Saturday, August 19 – Back to School Celebration: culmination of 2017 Celebrations


1. Small Group Leaders

• Lead your assigned group
• Pray for your kids each week – know their names, love on them!
• Read over Bible lesson each week prior to Tuesday night
• Facilitate the lesson and discussion questions with the kids
• Listen to memory verses/award prizes

2. Bible Story & Skits Coordinator / Assistants

• Narrate the Bible story for the large group time
• Write/direct skits that relate to the lesson/Bible story
• Coordinate team members/kids in performing the skits

3. Worship Coordinator / Assistants

• Prepare for the worship songs – bring instruments, etc
• Lead the large group in worship

4. Registration & Small Group Assistants

• Record on a clipboard the names of each child in your group(s) as they arrive
• Make and hand out name tags for each child
• Keep track of the number of kids in your group(s) so that you can collect water and snacks from the Snacks Coordinator and pass out during small group time
• Assist Small Group Leaders with taking kids to the bathroom, etc.
• Stay with assigned small group at the end until all kids have been taken home

5. Station Managers / Games & Small Group Assistants

• Manage stations where kids can play after they have been registered (before large group game time)
Station 1: basketball
Station 2: soccer/football
Station 3: chalk/hula hoops/jump ropes
Station 4: arts and crafts
• Assist Games Coordinator with giving instructions and directing kids during games
• Assist with distribution of water/snacks as well as taking kids to the bathroom during small group time
• Stay with assigned small group at the end until all kids have been taken home

6. Games Coordinators (one for ages 5-8 and one for ages 9-12)

• Plan and prepare for games – bring or arrange any necessary equipment
• Coordinate and delegate game instructions/roles to games assistants

7. Snacks Coordinator

• Coordinate the distribution of water and snacks to everyone each week

8. Competition/Prizes Coordinator

• Coordinate with group leaders for memory verse awards as well as organize and distribute prizes

9. Transportation Coordinator

• Be familiar with the Vickery area and different apartment complexes
• Organize maps, rosters and other materials for drivers
• Assign drivers to various pickup points and be a contact person if they need help

10. Drivers

• Pick up/drop off kids every week from assigned apartment complex

11. Curriculum Coordinator

• Prepare lessons each week and send out to all the small group leaders
• Answer any questions small group leaders may have about the lesson

12. Discipline Coordinator

• Manage behavioral issues with kids
• Assist group leaders with difficult situations
• Ensure Celebrations rules are enforced


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