Reaching out to the refugee community with the love Christ.

Vickery United


Sharing the love of Christ through the game of soccer

We are a ministry that is committed to reaching out to refugee communities
with the love of Christ and the wonderful message of the gospel.


Vickery United is formed in 2012 to give refugee youth the opportunity to play in a soccer club and play in recreation and competitive league in North Texas Soccer.

Our team is composed of players from different parts of the world, and it is a unique opportunity to bring unity in a pretty diverse community through the love of Christ and soccer.


It is our hope that every single boy in our team will become a follower of Jesus Christ. Once they become followers it is our job to equip them with the necessary tools to take back and share with their families and respective people groups. We also hope that they will become positive leaders for Christ in their communities. Another main focus of Vickery United is to assist our boys as well as we can and provide them with the necessary resources to help them graduate high school and go to college.




Danny Domingo, founder of Love is Ministry, also started the team, Vickery United. Five years ago, Danny was walking around his neighborhood, in Vickery Meadows, wondering how he could bring all the different ethnic groups together. So many different languages are spoken in the small Vickery Meadows area, that it can be hard to connect with anyone outside of your own people group. Danny was walking around when he noticed two kids kicking the soccer ball together. He noticed that the kids were not communicating, only kicking the ball back and forth.

This sparked an idea in Danny that he should add a soccer program to his ministry in order to more effectively reach the youth for Christ. With many answered prayers and volunteers, Danny was able to start a summer soccer league. A few years later, the team, Vickery United, was formed. God has provided coaches, funds to pay for the league, and equipment to run real practices. We are amazed at what God has done in a short amount of time, and will continue to trust God as we move forward with the team.